Your Life Changes Here!

"I decided to pursue a career in education."
"I got the foundation to build my career and future endeavors."
"I got my first job through the connections I made."
"I got to make friends and have fun team nights with my division!"
voiced by our team

Our mission is to provide the best day camp experience for each member of every family and we hire counselors who can make that magic happen!

We have a work hard, play hard mentality at LINX Camps. We intentionally design the summer to be as fun for our team as for our campers! Under the guise of a traditional day camp, LINX Camps is alive with innovation and creativity. Each week is packed with traditions, sing-alongs, and spirit competitions!! And that is just the fun that goes on during camp days.

The beauty of working at a day camp is that team members have evenings and weekends free of camp responsibility. When the camp day ends, the fun continues:

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