LINX Camps Changed My Life



I'm from Worcestershire, England and I was a LINXTube Camp counselor and marketing specialist at LINX Camps during the summer of 2023. Prior to that summer, I was looking for a way to combine my experience teaching gymnastics to school-aged children and my media industry involvement, with my love for the American culture. Then I discovered LINX Camps. A real benefit of LINX Camps is that they value their counselors from all around the world, and provide a platform to express and embrace different global cultures.

If I had to sum up my summer in one word, it would be ‘rewarding’. The thrill of independence of leading your own activities and making an impact on children’s lives, can’t beat anything in my opinion. Additionally though, in the weeks when LINXTube Camp was not running, I produced promotional video material, allowing me to grow my understanding of the media and marketing industries.

My amazing experience at LINX Camps has given me the foundation to build my career and future endeavors.


Camper > CIT > Counselor > Assistant Team Leader > Team Leader

My positive experience working at LINX Camps was a main reason why I decided to pursue a career in education. I was able to work alongside experienced educational professionals and learn from them. By the time I did my student teaching, I already had strong classroom management strategies from my many co-counselors over the years. While I was in school and looking for a job, I called friends from LINX Camps who served as mentors for me. Now, these friends continue to be a support system and sounding board as I start my teaching career.

LINX Camps significantly shaped my approach to working with others in my professional career. At LINX Camps, asking questions or asking for help is seen as a sign of strength. I’ve noticed that many people I work with outside of camp are afraid to ask questions and don’t always ask for support when they need it. I think my willingness to ask for help, or over communicate about a situation, has made me a well-respected employee in the workplace. This curiosity comes through as a positive quality and shows that I’m engaged and excited about the work that I do each day.

LINX Camps’ emphasis on feedback to help their staff grow and develop new skills has made me more open to accepting feedback. In fact, I’m often complimented for how I frequently seek out feedback and immediately apply the feedback that I’m given.


Counselor > Team Lead > Assistant Director

My 11 (and counting!) summers at LINX Camps have been more transformative than any other professional experience in my life.

When I started working as a counselor the summer after my Freshman year of college, I was convinced I wanted to study early elementary education and work with preschoolers. However, I was assigned to be the counselor for rising 4th graders, and that experience made me realize I actually wanted to work with children 2nd-5th grade.

I have made many friends throughout my years at LINX Camps that I’m still friends with today. Over the years, I’ve had my brothers, friends, and colleagues also come to work at LINX Camps with me. I also got my first teaching job through the connections I made at LINX Camps, for which I will always be grateful.

The experience I’ve gained from my leadership positions helps me everyday in my career as a 3rd grade teacher. Not only do I use many of the games and icebreaker activities in my classroom on a daily basis, but also the group management skills and experience in dealing with difficult situations have been instrumental in my 6 years of teaching.


Counselor > Assistant Team Lead > Team Lead

I absolutely love working at LINX Camps — having so much fun at my job, while getting to work with some of the best people around! I have made so many connections with others just through working at LINX Camps. For example, my supervisor last summer was a reference for the job that I have now during the school year! Not only have I made professional connections, but I got to make friends and have fun team nights with my division!

I received my bachelor's degree in psychology in 2023 and I am currently continuing my education to earn my master's degree in school counseling. Working at LINX Camps confirmed my enjoyment of working with children and adolescents, while also supporting them in whatever way they need. During interviews for jobs and school, I always mention my experience working at a summer camp and how it has strengthened my skills of being flexible, understanding, supportive, and caring.

LINX Camps has supported my development into a leader both professionally and personally. I have been able to take on leadership roles as I grow each year. I come back each summer ready to learn and grow as a leader and the staff has supported me while doing this. I will also be grateful for my summers here and look forward to continuing my time at LINX Camps!

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